Location: Denver, CO


The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) is a non-profit planning organization where local governments collaborate to establish guidelines, set policy, and allocate funding in areas of: Transportation and Personal Mobility, Growth and Development, and Aging and Disability Resources. Their new office was an opportunity to get all three groups on one floor and better working adjacencies. They wanted a space that was light, bright, and flexible, while also being very budget conscious. Our services included programming, interior design, lighting design, and furniture coordination.

The space provides a warm welcome with a large reception area that opens into a work cafe. At the entry, a large custom display wall provides an opportunity for DRCOG to showcase their many awards. Subtle nods to their branding are provided by way of large super-graphics and elements like the bike fixture about their work island (alluding to transportation & mobility). Offices, conference and huddle rooms feature demountable glass fronts that provide flexibility and desired transparency. Work stations are configured with shared work-surfaces in-between and sit-to-stand adjustability.